Brand new this year, the slimmest, lightest blank in the Greys carp range. First impressions last, but performance is proof. Take one look at the new Torsion carp rod and it’s strikingly slim; pick the rod up and it’s amazingly light and Shop. Cast the rod and it becomes immediately apparent that the rod has massive reserves of power, more than happy with big leads and PVA bags yet surprisingly still has that all important feel under the rod tip during the crucial last moments of the fight.

Gone are the days of super slim blanks that just don’t perform; this time Greys have really pushed the limits of physics. For those anglers really wanting to hit the horizon there is a 50mm butt available on models 3lb and higher. In summary the new Greys Torsion is quite simply the slimmest, lightest and best performance carp that we have ever produced. That’s some statement when you’ve been producing rods for over 40 years!

  • Advanced Resin Technology Blank (A.R.T.) – For superior power to diameter ratio and increased tip speed recovery
  • Ergonomic C.A.D. designed reel seat – for superior comfort during casting and fish playing- Accepts both big pit and standard size reel
  • Stainless steel butt cap
  • Isotope slot
  • 40mm & 50mm ringing options available
  • Japanese shrink wrap butt grip
  • Line friendly carbon line clip
  • Worldwide Extended Warranty – for total peace of mind